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First Energy Loopback for road transport

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Reduce the uncertainty constructing your scenario :

Enter your input easily by selecting one of the 9 macro-area covering the world and a sector of demand. Test out how major changes in regulation, market structure or economic growth affect the demand.

Set the inputs you want to test

GDP growth, Energy prices, Vehicle sales structures (e.g. powertrain share), incentives intensity, renewable energy incorporation etc…

Go to the essential : main indicators

Energy or carbon intensity trajectory by region & industry. Mobility demand vs GDP by region (for road & air transport). Residential energy & electricity intensity.

Build your conviction

Instant access to detailed energy demand historic & forecast from 2000 to 2035, consistent with IEA historical data. Split of the result by region / sub industry (e.g. 8 segments of vehicle for road transport).

Benchmark your vision and understand the influence of each input

Facilitated check of the differences in the outputs between the constructed scenarios by industry, country and fuel. Benchmark your vision with existing scenario from major public reports (Exxon, BP, IEA…).

Go deeper : in depth analysis of the variance between scenarios

Identify the sources of the different energy demand between scenario : From which zone? From which industry? From which underlying drivers?

Spread the knowledge : Sharing the group vision with your colleagues

Select which scenarios you want visible only by your team or by your whole company

Quickly find what you are looking for : All the data in one place

Explore the exhaustive database segmented by region, industry, type of energy. From aggregated data to industry details

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BIPE Energy – Build your scenario

Build your scenario

BIPE Energy – Build your scenario

Add your own data

BIPE Energy – Build your scenario

Powerful segmentation

BIPE Energy – Build your scenario